Samuel, Son & Co. arrives in Querétaro with 35 million dollars
Mexico Industry | May 25, 2023 |

Samuel, Son & Co. inaugurated a processing center in the Aerotech Industrial Park in which it invested 35 million dollars and will generate 35 direct jobs in a first phase for its operation aimed at serving the automotive sector in Mexico.

“The Bajío region represents one of the largest automotive clusters in the country. This new operation will allow us to support our customers competitively in the region as the automotive market continues to expand,” said Patrick Maloney, president of Samuel Automotive Group.

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The production of Samuel, Son & Co. in Querétaro will supply the automotive market in the country, between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Tier 1 and 2. Of the total, 70% of what is processed and will be framed is for the companies in Querétaro and the rest to the states of Guanajuato, Puebla and Mexico City.

“The automotive industry demands on-time delivery and a lean and dynamic supply chain, which is important for us because more automotive businesses are coming, new assembly companies, such as Tesla - which will demand a large part of its production from companies located in the Bajío -, who need to know that we have the products ready and with deliveries in less than four hours, meeting their quality and service requirements”, said Óscar García Leal, VP commercial automotive.

“Our intention is that our supply is geolocated in the region. Our strategy is to continue developing these grades in Mexico to reach a goal of 70% supply from the region in the country and the remaining 30% from North America”, he specified.

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The building covers an area of 12,720 square meters and has a state-of-the-art Alcos brand flat product slitter production line. Up to 45,000 tons of material can be stored in the building. And Samuel, Son & Co. has a shipping capacity of 10,000 tons per month, which could increase as its operation grows.

The company's property has an area of 53,143 m3 so, according to Óscar, Samuel is ready for a second expansion to include a second processing line or lines to make rectangular and shaped metal cutting.

This is the second plant of Samuel, Son & Co. in Mexico, since it has a complex in Apodaca, Nuevo León.

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