What sustainable elements impact the value of the home?
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The use of materials such as wood or stone, as well as green roofs and solar panels, help save money on services and increase the cost of a property.

If you are one of those who live in a home that is more than 50 years old, surely it does not have ecological technologies that make it more sustainable through less use of natural resources.

Sustainable homes follow principles such as conscious design where the maxim is to minimize energy consumption and natural resources, according to the Spanish interior design firm Culmia.

Therefore, if you want to incorporate ecological elements into your home, you must first assess the possibilities offered by the space and the land, as well as the orientation of the property and its distribution.

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By including ecological solutions, the value of the property rises, since in addition to consuming less energy, it gives a more contemporary appearance to the home, in addition to the potential that they add for the future.

Green roofs, for example, are an alternative to beautify buildings, but also to reduce the heat from the roof which is transmitted to the interior of the building or the house, reducing the ecological footprint.

A roof garden increases the value of the property, since it is considered a construction with sustainable spaces.

Laying wooden floors from fast-growing trees such as bamboo or walnut that grow in southeastern Mexico, gives a sober and elegant style to the home, while it works as thermal insulation. In addition, the wood is fully recyclable.

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And contrary to what you might think, the production of wood floors consumes less water and energy than other materials such as concrete or plastic, according to the University of Wisconsin.

Installing solar panels is another factor that values housing in a sunny country most of the year. The panel will help reduce electricity consumption and has a small or medium-scale energy cogeneration system.

Thus the properties that have photovoltaic systems reach a higher sale price and are sold faster.

Finally, the use of natural stone, recyclable and fire resistant, generates a very low cleaning and maintenance cost, in addition to the beauty inside the building and its capacity as an acoustic insulator by retaining sound from the outside.

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