Urban development model promotes industrial growth in Vallejo
Real Estate Market | January 22, 2023 |

With the objective of achieving an orderly and increasingly sustainable real estate development, the government of Mexico City determined a change in the urban development model of the capital to avoid the expulsion of lower-income families to the periphery.

Through the Special Program for Urban Regeneration and Inclusive Housing, the government sought to guarantee that low-income citizens could have access to decent housing. For this, initially there was talk of 12 submarkets in which the goal would be to build up to 10,000 homes in the next five years, where at least 30% of them would have affordable prices, in addition to recovering urban space.

The estimated investment in the projects of these submarkets was 23 billion pesos (mdp), which includes the following zones or submarkets: Historic Center, Eje Central, Pino Suárez - Tlalpan, Avenida Hidalgo - México Tacuba, National Railways - Xochimanca, Reforma Norte, Chapultepec, Insurgentes Norte, Atlampa, Vallejo I, SAC Tacubaya and Zona Rosa.

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These submarkets are strategic because they already have the basic services of water, drainage, and green areas, close to work or commercial centers, and are connected to mass public transportation. However, the arrival of the Covid-19 almost completely halted the activity of the city, including the construction industry, for several months, since it was not considered an essential activity.

Subsequently, in September 2020, the Head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum presented an Economic Reactivation Program with ten lines of action, including important infrastructure, urban and real estate works, mainly housing, which included public and private investment.

If we focus on the industrial sector of the capital, the Vallejo-I Technological Development and Innovation Center will also be created, 25 million pesos will be invested in a space of 2,340 m2 for the creation of solutions for the city and industry challenge.

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In the Fourth Government Report document, it is stated that “we have committed to revitalize the Vallejo industrial zone to make it the most important investment and job creation pole linked to innovation and technology in the ZMVM. The objective is to contribute to generating sustainable solutions to the challenges facing the city”.

It adds that "the project promotes the orderly and sustainable development of a technological innovation district that generates quality employment, capable of undertaking the urban transformation of the Vallejo area, optimizing its infrastructure and services."

The promotion of the Vallejo industrial zone has been structured into five strategies: urban improvement and quality of life, land use planning, innovation and technological development, Vallejo invests focused on economic development and job creation, and finally Governance and financing.

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