Workers benefit from reforms to outsourcing and the Infonavit Law
Centro Urbano | August 30, 2021 |

Thanks to two reforms, that of outsourcing and the reform of the Infonavit Law, with only three two-month continuous work, workers will be able to apply for a loan to acquire a house.

Through this reform to outsourcing, all the rights of workers will be recognized, since Infonavit seeks to regularize their registration with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and its own.

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The labor reform also aims for companies to correctly comply with their employer obligations, to protect the right of workers to acquire a mortgage loan.

With this benefit, workers will have all the benefits granted by the company in which they work, in addition to that the base contribution wages will have increases of between 5%, 10% and up to 12% compared to the previous salary, according to IMSS data.

Likewise, by having a higher salary, employer contributions to the Housing Sub-account will be higher, which will affect the amount of savings when applying for an Infonavit loan. In this way employees will have more money available to buy, build or improve their home.

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Other benefits are that when the real salary is recorded, the savings for retirement and the payment in periods of disability will be higher than with an irregular salary.

Finally, Infonavit invited the beneficiaries who have doubts about their employment status to call Infonatel: 55 9171-5050 from Mexico City; or 800 008 3900, from anywhere in the country.

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