The 5 challenges of hybrid models in offices
Real Estate Market & Lifestyle | September 22, 2021 |

Work environments present a tendency for businesses that have the possibility of having hybrid work schemes to implement it.

This can occur in situations where working from home is perceived as an emotional or value-added salary, because it implies that the spaces will be used in a more efficient way in which the new work scheme is an opportunity for savings.

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These and other ideas were highlighted in the dialogue table Change Management: Culture and Communication in the new reality. Here are the main post-pandemic workplace challenges that were addressed:

1) Make the return well and safe for everyone in the organization

2) Evaluate budget constraints, need to make decisions and evaluate them quickly.

3) Understand that opening a workspace is not always cheaper than leaving it closed.

4) When they return to the offices, the tranquility of the workers affects productivity, so it will be necessary to link the functions of the work with the space, adapt places for concentration or for periods of isolation for them and other activities that require intense collaboration.

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5) Form a team responsible for the return that includes human resources, executives, leadership, facility management, strategic purchases and enable a communication channel with employees:

In addition, time should be spent to compare the budget that is assigned to what it will cost to keep the office open.

Remain open reliable and safe communication channels to listen to employees and understand how they perceive the experience when they return.

Finally, the leaders of the companies will require respect for the situations of each collaborator. Work dynamism has been impacted and it is important to strengthen the link between people, business culture and space.

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