Kicks e-POWER arrives in Mexico in the second half of 2022
T21 | August 03, 2022 |

Nissan Mexicana announced that the new Kicks e-POWER, assembled in Thailand, will be available in Mexico from the second half of 2022, aligning itself with the Japanese brand's medium-term plan, Ambition 2030.

With this, the arrival of this model in the country will provide the Mexican market with a new electric mobility alternative for drivers, by incorporating e-POWER technology into Nissan Kicks, according to its press release.

He assured that this model is the leader in its segment and has positioned itself as one of the favorites in this market, due to its design, equipment and technology.

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"The arrival of Nissan Kicks e-POWER will mark a milestone in the history of mobility in Mexico, by integrating the advanced e-POWER technology that provides unparalleled acceleration, noise-free driving and greater autonomy for the driver," said Rodrigo. Centeno, senior director of Marketing for Nissan Mexicana.

Thus, the Nissan e-POWER Electric Rebellion, which has set the standard for electrification in various countries, including Japan, Thailand and selected European countries, will soon hit Mexican roads.

The battery for the new Nissan Kicks e-POWER is assembled at the Nissan Powertrain Thailand plant, a plant that became the first e-POWER battery assembly line outside of Japan and one of only 4 Nissan plants assembling vehicles with the technology. e-POWER all over the world.

According to the Japanese company, the e-POWER technology incorporated into Nissan Kicks stands out in the Mexican market for the different benefits that only it offers, providing a unique driving experience.

Some of the benefits that Nissan e-POWER includes: acceleration, power, autonomy and e-step that simplifies the way of driving, with which it decelerates and accelerates using the same pedal, being much more comfortable to travel the different roads.

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Nissan Kicks e-POWER is the first model with this technology to arrive in Mexico from the hand of the Thai manufacturer and will be a key piece for the electrification of the region.

“At Nissan, electromobility is the future, which is why we know that Nissan e-POWER is a key pillar of our electrification strategy. With this technology, we once again reaffirm the commitment we have as a brand, with which we seek to inspire Mexican customers to see how Nissan is embracing new mobility possibilities,” said Centeno.

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