Artificial Intelligence and how it supports the industrial sector
Inmobiliare | August 01, 2022 |

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic automation are two factors that are empowering various industries in Mexico and in the world.

This type of operating systems, managed even remotely, in recent years has been integrated into the construction sector; During the period of the pandemic, this process was consolidated.

According to René Morlet, Director of Industrial Projects in the Projects and Developments area of JLL, the digital and technological evolution in the building sector has generated very significant advances that are changing production chains.

“One of the key concepts of Industry 4.0 is the smart factory, conceived as a fully connected manufacturing system, which works with less human interaction by generating, transferring, receiving and processing the data necessary to carry out all the tasks. tasks required to produce some type of product.

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Morlet indicates that industrial plants optimize their energy consumption, the machines carry out quality controls and make the necessary adjustments.

"Artificial intelligence offers tremendous potential for the industry, making it more flexible and more reliable, optimizing resources and reducing delivery times of the finished product, lowering costs and reducing material waste in the same way."

A study carried out by the international consulting firm PwC, Artificial Intelligence will contribute up to 15 billion dollars to the world economy in 2030.

René Morlet points out that this transformation is reflected in the profile of personnel hiring, since today they require much more specialized workers in the operation and management of state-of-the-art equipment.

"Unlike what is believed, the machines will not replace people, but will encourage them to train much more to be more specialized in these new technologies."

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The director points out that the use of robotic equipment minimizes the risk of accidents to personnel in industrial plants due to the simple fact that workers program and remotely operate these and any production equipment that has a processor and access to the network. 

JLL's clients are seeking to implement very specific lines of action so that technology is a premise in each of the industrial centers, in order to streamline production lines and insert them into the digital age, he said.

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