Office vacancy is higher due to the demand for spaces
Obras Expansión | June 11, 2021 |

In Mexico City, as in the rest of the country, they have gradually returned to the offices with the changes in the epidemiological traffic light. However, this has not been reflected in an improvement in the occupation of corporate spaces.

However, the gap between the pre-pandemic levels and the lowest recorded in the last year - second quarter of 2020 - has narrowed slightly.

Data from the consulting firm Solili indicate that at the end of April, the vacancy of offices in the country presented a cycle trend of 4.6%; "A similar value to the previous month and 30 basis points below the value registered in 2020", they specify.

"The pandemic and the economic consequences of the crisis continue to direct most companies to study and analyze operating and production costs, by evaluating the monetization of their fixed assets, including operational and administrative real estate," he adds. the company in your report.

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The implementation of hybrid work models, in which face-to-face work is combined with teleworking, has also delayed the recovery of the sector. In addition, the outsourcing law has been an obstacle to the return of more staff and resources for rentals, Solili specifies.

Figures from the company specify that vacancy reached 57,000 square meters, 9,000 square meters in Monterrey and 2,000 meters in Guadalajara. While QuerétaroLeónPuebla and Mérida have figures of less than 100 square meters available.

"The Vacancy continues as a constant theme in the office segment and during the month of May it reached figures higher than those of demand and even those that had been reported in April".

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