How can you buy a home from the US if you listened to the IMSS?
Alto Nivel | November 11, 2021 |

The Infonavit Without Borders Program was created in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Relations and other international institutions and organizations so that migrants who are in the United States can have a heritage in Mexican territory.

According to the Institute of Mexicans Abroad, the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers or Infonavit provides Mexicans who reside in the United States, who have a home in Mexico, to be able to make payments or amortizations directly from Safe and fast way through a branch of the remittance companies: Dolex, Maxi Transfer or Intercambio Express.

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The same applies if you want to pay the Infonavit home loan of a relative or a third party. In both situations, Infonavit pays the commissions for sending the money to Mexico.

This applies to the beneficiaries who, prior to working in the United States, were listed in the IMSS between 1972 and 1992, where if they wish to acquire a home in Mexico, they will be able to use the savings from their Infonavit subaccount.

Among the main options that arise can be acquiring a new or used home or acquiring land for construction.

Another possibility is to refinance a mortgage debt with financial institutions and subsequently request a credit increase.

In case you meet the requirements and want to buy a house or apartment through this program, the first thing you should do is access your Infonavit account to check your credit balance.

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For this, it is required: official identification, proof of legal income, good credit history in the United States and Mexico, verify a minimum of one year in your job, verify that you have resided at least six months at the same address in the United States or Mexico and have a family member or legal representative in Mexico.

Payments can be made through a relative or third party, through a deposit from the United States, you just have to go to any available remittance company with your account number in 10 digits.

In case you were listed in the IMSS but for some reason you went to work outside of Mexico, you can use these resources to buy assets in the country and make the payment from wherever you are.

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