Advantages of certifying real estate in Mexico
Real Estate Market | September 21, 2023 |

All buildings, old and modern, have their importance in the preservation of the environment and the conservation of natural resources, therefore, the participation of associations in the training and dissemination of the concepts of sustainability, energy saving and environmental technologies.

The Mexican Association of Intelligent and Sustainable Building AC (IMEI-BOMA) is a leading non-profit organization in the real estate ecosystem that brings together companies that offer solutions for those interested in sustainable properties.

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IMEI -BOMA works to refute myths such as that designing and maintaining an Intelligent building is very expensive or that an old building is no longer competitive and has no future.

A great incentive to participate in the IMEI-BOMA award is that the winning buildings can participate in the BOMA International Award called TOBY awards (The Best of the Year) that recognizes excellence in property operation and management. We proudly share that in 2022, a building in Mexico won this award for the first time: The Chapultepec 1 building.

Nowadays it is a fact that investors and administrators look for their buildings to be certified, which ensures a more efficient operation, which will be able to save energy and water, will have systems and equipment operating in perfect conditions to provide comfort, safety and security. better experience for its occupants and visitors.

This is what investors are looking for, buildings that are rented with better conditions and that their assets are preserved with greater capital gains. In addition, certifying properties allows investors to access more attractive bank loans.

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Nowadays, speaking of the opportunity offered by the relocation of industries (nearshoring), it is imperative that the owners and administrators of industrial and logistics spaces have certifications that ensure greater competitiveness of their spaces.

At IMEI-BOMA, the BOMA 360 and BOMA BEST audits are considered leaders in terms of flexibility, cost and time for their implementation. It is a fact that properties that are leaders in occupancy, energy savings and profitability must have certifications that manage international ESG standards.

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