Sustainability and efficiency mark post-pandemic corporate spaces
Inmobiliare | November 16, 2022 |

A few decades ago, the design of office buildings in Mexico was influenced by American architecture, this was characterized by its huge glass-covered facades, and inside, they solved the ventilation with air conditioning systems.

Over the years, and after the pandemic, developers and owners finally realized that Mexico has a different climate and the need for outdoor spaces, with natural light and ventilation, was found. In this way, efficiency and functionality are important aspects for the profitability of the sector, always in harmony with aesthetics.

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Little by little, a corporate architecture more focused on our country, our climate and our customs is beginning to be developed, as expressed by Luis Manuel Gómez Portugal, founding partner and general director of Eskema Arquitectos.

On the other hand, the concept of sustainability has permeated all sectors, including offices. For the firm, promoting this trend is essential, which is why close to half of its work team has accreditation for the development of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified projects.

However, they are aware that achieving this badge may not be the most cost-effective for some buildings, so they also offer other options for developers who are willing to invest, such as the EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater efficiencies).

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“Speaking of corporate architecture, I think that, although for now it is very slow, it has a great advantage in terms of certifications. Normally they are patrimonial properties, this implies that they are their own buildings for rent. So, if during the initial construction phase you have to invest a little more to make them sustainable, this is reflected in the return on investment. That is the reason why office developers are willing to do it”, indicated Gómez Portugal.

The architecture firm has intervened in projects such as the Alpura Corporate and the Televisa San Ángel Annex, having the opportunity not only to solve restrictions by applying innovative construction systems that manage to position these projects at the forefront of Mexican design.

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