Solarever will invest 3.8 million pesos in the first electric car manufacturer in Mexico
Inmobiliare | January 19, 2024 |

The Chinese group Solarever announced the installation of its first electric vehicle assembly plant in Mexico, which will be located in Durango, with an investment of 3.8 million pesos.

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The company did not reveal the exact location of the complex, but they confirmed that the infrastructure will be built at the end of February or beginning of March to be completed this year.

Daniel Romo, leader of the Business Intelligence area of Directorio Automotive, commented that the size of the industrial plant will be medium compared to other assembly plants located in the country, with a capacity of between 10 and 60 thousand units per year.

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Esteban Villegas Villareal, governor of Durango, explained that the main interest of the Chinese conglomerate was the state's workforce and talent within public and private universities.

The governor of the entity advanced the possibility of establishing 20 investment projects in 2024, which will be announced in the coming days.

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