Opportunity for the Mexican aeronautical sector with nearshoring
RIM | September 10, 2021 |

The manufacturing value chain in the Mexican aeronautical sector has a great chance of recovery after the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, derived from the rearrangement of supply chains, the so-called nearshoring, the reputation of Mexican operations and certification capabilities and risks.

Carlos Robles, honorary advisor of the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA), commented: "Nearshoring and reshoring is very strong in the aerospace sector", it is attracting investment to Mexico because aircraft manufacturers request the supply from 

North America or in the same region, "without the need to jump an ocean."

He explained that the pandemic changed logistics flows within the aerospace supply chain, for example, there is a greater demand for cargo aircraft and there was conversion of passenger aircraft to cargo.

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The pandemic taught the aerospace industry that it is not possible to depend on a single supplier, such as Chinese companies, so the industry seeks to relocate its chain in closer places or within the same continent, at least five hours of flight to moving parts in aircraft repairs, he exemplified.

There are many opportunities for companies that are already in Mexico in the aerospace sector to be able to diversify their operations, their clients, especially those who have certifications.

The segments with opportunity are, among others, in the repair and maintenance (MRO) and in the supply for the space industry, there are projects with NASA, satellites, and the international industry plans to inhabit the moon in 2030.

"There is a company that has already bought the rights, engineering and the transmission of knowledge to assemble and manufacture satellites in Mexico, for observing the earth," he commented in his participation in TECMA 2021.

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With the pandemic, the industry in Mexico stopped for not being considered essential for a couple of months during 2020, but for this year a recovery in exports is estimated to reach 7,100 million dollars of export and it is estimated that in 2024 it will reach pre-pandemic levels.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused the “perfect storm”, manufacturing fell 35%, due to plant stoppages, because customers in the United States stopped buying, due to desynchronization in the global supply chain that greatly impacted for the harmonization of the global aerospace industry supply chain, "due to this imbalance, it will take a couple of years to harmonize the entire production chain," he said.

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