New housing trust in BIVA: Fibra Haus
Inmobiliare | September 14, 2021 |

Fibra Haus is preparing to be listed on the Institutional Stock Exchange (BIVA), for which it has presented the prospectus document to initiate the process with the institution.

The investment trust was recently constituted in order to acquire, build, develop, redevelop and renovate real estate for housing and commercial use, which will be used for leasing.

Specifically, Fibra Haus offers Holders the possibility of participating in the Mexican housing market to capture its long-term value.

They combine three factors: growing rental income, capital gains and protection from home equity, and portfolio growth.

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The document details that the administrator is OPERADORA MXMF S.A. de C.V., a Mexican company owned by Fibra.

While Acerta is the developer of the initial portfolio, who also participates as a minority partner with a joint venture of 2.50% of the capital of each of the projects. However, collaboration with other companies is not ruled out:

The operating structure contemplates the association or hiring of independent developers and operators.

Additionally, Greystar will be in charge of the operation and marketing of the properties. In addition to being a strategic consultant in the development stage.

The initial portfolio of the trust has real estate assets that comprise two plots of land in the pre-development stage, with a focus on rental housing and commercial premises.

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In total, they add up to 51,198 square meters of potential total buildable area. As well as 35,894 square meters of Gross Profitable Area.

Upon completion of development plans, both Fibra Haus projects will represent a total of 589 rental housing units.

The properties are located in Mexico City and Querétaro, two of the most important cities in the country from an economic and demographic point of view.

"These areas have high growth potential in rental housing, at the levels of middle and residential housing, which are part of our target market," said Fibra Haus.

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