Housing and the transformation that went through in 2021
Real Estate Market & Lifestyle | January 14, 2022 |

As a result of the pandemic, we have experienced very important changes in all areas of our lives and housing has not been the exception.

Because of work, school and all our daily activities, we spent a lot of time away from our homes, but because of the confinement caused by the pandemic, we got used to being close to our families again and very involved in our homes.

This led us to implement what is called Home Office and Homeschool, generating needs in users who now demand amenities and spaces to be able to work, study and live in their homes.

The health crisis affected us all. In particular, housing sales fell sharply, because applicants or clients were not sure they would be able to keep their sources of employment and be able to acquire a property.

The population that needed housing and that could not postpone their purchase decision, were people with the income to access a property with a maximum value of between 2 and 2.5 million pesos (mdp).

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Also, in this context, there were people who, out of necessity, had to sell their home and at the same time there was demand that could take advantage of the opportunity – during the cycle of falling prices – to be able to acquire it, but very likely, at some other time, I couldn't have bought it.

Something important to mention is that mortgage credit continued to be available, so that people who kept their jobs and needed a home were able to access it through mortgage financing.

Another great phenomenon was that we all had to learn to use digital means of communication, which allowed us to take advantage of all the time that we normally waste traveling on the street and that we do not save, to spend more time with our loved ones.

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In these moments in which the economy is reactivating and it seems that we are gradually returning to normality, I consider that it is very important that we do not put aside the learning of living with the family and not dedicate the time we achieved during the most critical part of the pandemic.

For all of the above, homes are currently designed with more social and office spaces, since the new normality will not lead us to return 100% to the similar pre-pandemic situation.

An important lesson that Covid-19 left us is that we have to improve our technological knowledge day by day, because it will help us to be able to face this new world, without which it will be increasingly difficult to compete in business.

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