Investment of 50 million dollars in an industrial park in Guadalajara
Real Estate Market & Lifestyle | November 23, 2021 |

Corporación Inmobiliaria Vesta, one of the leading companies in industrial real estate in Mexico, announced an alliance with a leading company in the e-commerce segment to close a contract for the 3rd growth phase in a custom building, under the build scheme. to suit, in the Vesta Park Guadalajara I, with an area of more than 80 thousand square meters.

With the agreement, Vesta became a strategic partner of Mercado Libre by investing 50 million dollars in this project throughout its three stages.

This distribution center is part of Mercado Libre's national logistics expansion strategy in Mexico, which has allowed it to reduce delivery times and impact the economic recovery of more than 5,000 vendors in the Bajío.

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With the agreement, the operation of the e-commerce platform in Mexico has the highest fulfillment penetration in the region, with 65%.

The center seeks the optimization of deliveries with efficient processes that reduce CO2 emissions from fuel consumption, in addition to the fact that Vesta's buildings are certifiable at LEED level.

"Vesta always stood out from a long list of options, not only because of its premium location but because they tackled a project well above the standard, solving all the necessary requirements for Mercado Libre," said the e-commerce firm's staff.

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Among the main competitive advantages of Vesta Park Guadalajara I is its immediate proximity to the Guadalajara International Airport, connected to roads such as the Guadalajara-Chapala highway, the Periférico Sur and the Nuevo Periférico.

Guadalajara has a tremendous drive and its importance lies in being the second metropolitan area of the country in population with a vocation for technological industries.

"The company follows trends to offer customers the solutions they require, in this case, buildings ready to receive electronic commerce with large format features, such as high interior height and agile equipment for logistics operations," said Lorenzo D. Berho, Managing Director of Vesta.

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