HILTI Matamoros expands its operations plant
Mexico Industry | August 02, 2022 |

Hilti inaugurated the expansion of its operating plant located west of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, in Parque FINSA Matamoros Norte. The investment was 25 million dollars and will generate 350 new jobs.

Hilti is a European company, originally from Liechtenstein, which focuses its production on the development of tools that are used in the construction sector.

It was in July 2021 that the official announcement of this expansion project was made, which today is a reality thanks to the trust that foreign investors continue to place in Tamaulipas.

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With this growth, the company of European origin will generate highly specialized jobs for the city, reaffirming the confidence that investors have in this region and in the capacity and talent of the human capital of the area.

Hilti Group was founded in 1941 as a small company and has grown into a company of international stature. Its world headquarters are in the Principality of Liechtenstein, where Martin Hilti established the company more than 75 years ago.

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In the 1970s, the first international production facility was opened in Thüringen, Vorarlberg, Austria. A year later, it opened a plant in Kaufering, near Munich, Germany.

Hilti has 11 manufacturing centers globally and only two are located in the Americas. The headquarters located in Matamoros began operations in 2009.

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