Strong demand for industrial buildings remains in the Bajio
RIM | May 09, 2023 |

At the beginning of 2023, the manufacturing, commerce and nearshoring sectors have been the engine of investment in the Bajío, which has been reflected with the arrival of new projects.

According to the analysts of the Newmark Market Research division, the growing national demand has imposed new challenges for the industrial sector and specifically in the Bajío they have been characterized by the expansion of companies that have decided to invest under the influence of relocation.

In this sense, Abraham Fernández, director for the industrial sector of Newmark, stated that, at the end of the first quarter of 2023, the Bajío presents strong recovery indicators in terms of the leasing of Class A industrial buildings, as a result of the demand for spaces industries by logistics, e-commerce and manufacturing companies.

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In the case of Querétaro, the Airport corridor continues to be the one with the greatest absorption, mostly by companies from the automotive industry that maintain their growth and expansion, followed by El Marqués.

In the remainder of 2023, large projects are coming up that will add to the new inventory figures, as is the case of Finsa III, with which the new industrial spaces are expected to house mostly large companies in the automotive sector, but Companies from the logistics and metal-mechanic sectors are also incorporated into the new complexes.

For its part, Guanajuato has maintained a dynamism largely strengthened by the expansion of operations of important international companies in the food, e-commerce and automotive industries, highlighting the latter as one of the economic engines of the state and with a supply chain one of the strongest in the country.

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The automotive industry is recovering at a global level, so the demand for industrial spaces in the entity is forecast to increase throughout 2023, strengthened in particular by the announcement of the new Tesla plant and the growth of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) already installed in the Bajío and Northeast region of the country”, emphasized the director for the Newmark industrial sector.

Guadalajara is another of the markets in frank expansion, with a demand that exceeds the available supply, where the vacancy rate increased slightly although it is still lower compared to the quarter of the previous year.

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