REITS multiply Terrafina acquisition offers
Real Estate Market & Lifestyle | June 10, 2024 |

The competition between investment trusts specialized in industrial real estate to buy or combine with their competitor Terrafina continues in suspense, while they prepare to analyze the convenience of each one.

At the end of the first quarter of the year, the company had 287 properties and 42 million square feet of gross profitable area in 12 states, while its net operating income reached 3,581 million pesos.

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In the case of Fibra Prologis, its proposal is a public acquisition offer that is current and will end on June 14, with the possibility of being extended.

Fibra Uno, the largest trust listed in the Mexican stock market, raised its hand for Terrafina, proposed a merger of its industrial assets with those included in the Júpiter portfolio, owned by its controlling shareholders, and those belonging to Terrafina.

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Fibra Macquire proposes a public acquisition offer (OPA) for which it met with its holders in a meeting called on June 10 to request authorization to launch the operation on the country's stock market.

Fibra MTY changed its proposal and now its interest is to sell its properties to Terrafina, which would be paid with CBFI, and from its perspective, it combines the agility of a cash transaction, the benefits of a takeover bid and tax certainty. 

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