Accumulated industrial demand in CDMX doubles that registered at the end of March 2023
Solili | April 01, 2024 |

Mexico City occupies the second position with respect to national industrial demand only behind Monterrey, managing to accumulate 530 thousand square meters in the first three months of 2024, which represents an increase of more than double compared to the figure accumulated towards the month of March 2023.

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Gross demand in the country's capital is concentrated in Toluca and the CTT corridors (Cuautitlán, Tultitlán and Tepotzotlán), in addition to the Zumpango corridor thanks to the new industrial park T-Mex Park and its first tenant DHL.

The size of the industrial warehouses in Mexico City occupied during the first quarter range from one thousand square meters to 200 thousand square meters. To this, we must add the impact of demand mainly from logistics tenants seeking to enter the largest market in the country.

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Likewise, demand is expected to remain at high levels for the remainder of the year thanks to the industrial warehouses that are under construction and projects that hope to start during the rest of the year. This phenomenon is reflected in the increase in rental prices, which closed the first quarter with an average of $7.92 USD per square meter.

Data from SEDECO, in its state competitiveness index for the last period of 2023, show the capital as the most competitive entity in the country for 21 consecutive years and is expected to continue for the rest of 2024.

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