The El Salto submarket concentrates 70% of the industrial demand of Guadalajara
Solili | December 19, 2022 |

With only a few days to go until the end of the year, we can anticipate that 2022 brought significant consolidation for the industrial market of Guadalajara, the most important in the western part of the country.

The net industrial demand accumulated in the first three quarters of 2022 almost 335 thousand square meters, a figure that is 20% higher than that registered in the first three quarters of 2021.

In the case of gross demand, which Solili monitors month by month, the result favors the accumulated demand of 2021, which is 17% higher than that registered in the same months elapsed in 2022, where it totals 296 thousand square meters.

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The fact stands out that the gross demand of the first three quarters of 2022 was influenced by a significant number of speculative projects that dominated both in number and in areas of custom-made projects. The El Salto submarket has been the great protagonist of the demand during these three quarters where they managed to accumulate 70% of the total.

Another interesting indicator in Guadalajara is the vacancy that has not stopped registering downward adjustments, from the maximum that it had reached in February 2021 with 7.2% until reaching its lowest historical value with 0.62% at the end of November 2022.

This scenario is generated in the midst of significant construction activity that also reached a record high in May 2022, where 358,000 square meters were advancing in different construction phases. As the year wore on, new industrial projects were incorporated and many others ended up adding more areas to the industrial inventory of Guadalajara.

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By correlating all these indicators, we can see that the constructions that were completed throughout 2022 corresponded mainly to custom-made warehouses, which began to enter the inventory occupied, which is why the vacancy could not reverse its downward trend. 

The industrial transformation that this market undergoes is associated with investment, which is compared with the figures reported by this entity, where Guadalajara is its greatest exponent. According to data published by the Ministry of Economy, Jalisco's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) reached a historic figure in the first three quarters of the year, with 2,396 million dollars.

Of this total, 13.7% focused on the regular air transport branch, an example of the state's commitment to cargo mobilization, as it is the western hub. Regarding the origin of capital, the United States leads with 44.4% of the total.

2023 will bring important challenges for this industrial market that is advancing both in logistics, technology and manufacturing, elements that will undoubtedly be key to keeping this entity at the top of Foreign Direct Investment.

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