Key to the return to work spaces focuses on the human
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The office sector is going through a stage of profound changes that range from the implementation of flexible work schemes to the new architecture of buildings. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that it is possible to work remotely, which generates benefits for workers, such as savings in time and money.

In this regard, Luis Manuel Gómez Portugal, founding partner and CEO of Eskema Arquitectos, poses the question: What would happen if people continue their work activities 100% online? In his opinion, a completely virtual model, in the long run, can dehumanize us by not allowing interpersonal ties to be created.

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However, the architect pointed out that returning to normality, as it was known before 2019, is not the solution either. In this sense, the hybrid models that combine working days from home with a few others in the office are the most viable.

For this reason, having adequate, comfortable spaces, with outdoor areas and, above all, more humane will be the key to the recovery of the sector, seeking to transform corporate offices so that they seem more like an extension of our home.

Although these work systems can lead to offices being reduced in square meters, they are also an opportunity to offer better workplaces and common areas that can encourage employees to want to return to the office for a few days and not lose coexistence, he points out. Gomez Portugal.

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One aspect to take into account in architecture for buildings is that both inside and outside, they function as generators of community, so the installation of common collaboration areas that integrate work teams and provoke community should be considered. greater dynamism.

Outside, it is necessary to communicate something different to the city, which can be achieved through the commercial and service ground floors: “There is nothing better to form a link between public and private space. A lot of people pass through there and it is a great opportunity to have an area that provides better lighting and that offers restaurants, banks or shops.”

He also added that the buildings must function in a hybrid way, where the same property has the possibility of being a home, office or entertainment, paying attention to the connection with society, which will make flexible buildings the most successful.

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