Brose seeks to expand its investment in Querétaro
Mexico Industry | March 01, 2022 |

In 1993, Querétaro became the first non-European city to host a Brose manufacturing plant. Three decades later, the German company now has a presence in Mexico with four production centers located in Querétaro y Puebla.

The growth of its operations is such that its Queretaro locations alone employ more than 4,500 employees, which positions it as the fifth largest employer in the state, said Manuel Guevara Salinas, general director of Brose El Marqués.

The industrial infrastructure and the geographical location are determining factors in Querétaro as it is at the crossroads for the movements of everything that comes from Europe and Asia, which enter through Manzanillo and Veracruz. To this is added the connectivity that exists with the borders with the US by land that reinforces its strategic location.

By 2014, with the opening of its second plant in the municipality of El Marqués, the production capacities multiplied notably after the start in 1993.

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"We produce electric motors for different applications, such as the ABS system, the engine cooling system, the air conditioning system, the window lifter motors, the oil pump system that we have for the engine, we have the direction, different types of electric motors”, detailed the director.

On the other hand, Brose Aeropuerto, opened in 2018 in the AeroTech Industrial Park, is dedicated to the manufacture of structures for car seats.

Brose began operations in the country to supply Volkswagen's Puebla plant and to export products to Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA, home to a BMW production center. Currently, Brose El Marqués alone has 76 different clients, including vehicle assemblers and Tier 1, 2 and 3 companies in the automotive industry value chain.

Thus, the capabilities that have been added in infrastructure, together with the intellectual, technical and creative capabilities of its associates, have allowed Brose to take the next step: strengthen research, development and product design in Querétaro.

The director pointed out that Mexico and Eastern European countries are low-cost countries, not only the production, but also the design and development that were done in countries like Germany and the US, which are high-cost.

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In Mexico there is also a greater potential to develop specialists, as there is a growing interest of young people in this type of career, according to the director of Brose El Marqués.

In addition to this scenario, the plant he directs has proven experience in manufacturing and developing products for the electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicle market, areas targeted by the global mobility market.

After the good performance of 2021, they foresee a similar scenario for 2022, when three new lines start up. All of the above has allowed Brose to stand out in the region and keeps managers expectant of the investment decisions that the global corporation has committed to making in Querétaro.

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