4 industrial parks in design, seek to strengthen the T-MEC
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Based on the conversations it has held with the Federal Government and various state authorities related to the T-MEC Corridor project, Caxxor Group released the status of the project's progress, the master plan of which was presented six months ago.

This project has been recognized by organizations and governments for its scale in infrastructure and the connectivity that it will offer to our country.

In February, the firm presented the master plan, where they showed the first lines of the railway and the proposal for a new port standard called Hybrid-CT, which will integrate different patents and designs with the main objectives of reducing costs and environmental impact, with the It is expected to increase the efficiency and speed of unloading of the goods for a ship.

In these presentations and advances, the four industrial parks with an inland port that will strengthen this project in four areas were presented: Durango, La Laguna, Monclova and Nava.

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Carlos Ortiz, Director of the Caxxor group, explained that the design of the railway line is in the final phase at the basic engineering level, in addition to the fact that the firm has held meetings with the state governments related to this project to notify the name of companies that have shown interest in establishing themselves in the so-called T-MEC Corridor.

"The fact that there are several international companies seeking to integrate within the corridor, when we are not yet in the promotion stage, contributes positively to confirming the overwhelming viability of the project," Ortiz clarified in a statement.

The representative added that the greatest advance has been at the engineering level, which has been reviewed in conjunction with the Ministry of Communications and 

Transportation (SCT), with which the plans for the logistics centers are still being refined, of which the They have the assets and most of the permits.

He said that for the above, it is necessary to update environmental impact studies and it will be 100% in terms of permits for the first stage of the first parks.

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Part of the financial model was initially signed with a consortium of institutional investors in the United States, however, they have been working with others due to the interest that the project has aroused in the markets.

Ortiz thanked the support that the project has had from the Senate of the Republic, the support of the three governors of this corridor, as well as that of the mayors of Mazatlán, Lerdo, Gómez Palacio, and other cities where this TMEC project will arrive.

It should be noted that since April, Caxxor changed its headquarters from the United Kingdom to Texas in the United States to promote the project and the opening of offices in northern Mexico is planned for 2022, which will strengthen its operations between Mexico City and New York.

In context, the T-MEC Corridor is a Caxxor Group project that will link Mexico from Mazatlán, to go through the United States and reach Winnipeg, Canada, and is intended for the transport of cargo and passengers.

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